Tuesday, 7 October 2008

And something more exciting for the day

Ok so poster update, they must have heard me complain. The 'CANCELLED' signs now say 'CANCELLED' 'Not The Event But The Poster'. This makes more sense but it's still the dumbest thing in the worlddddd.

So forget the posters because I just went to see Never Mind The Buzzcocks live, being filmed at the BBC Studios! I have to say it was defini
tely excellent. Very funny, with all the raw stuff, Simon saying all the lines wrong. They recorded for about 3 hours with only one 'wee break'. It was fun fun fun to the maximum. It was cry cry cryable at some points.

Jack Osbourne was there, which was a surprise. I remember when I loved the Osbourne's, don't we all. And I was just watching his adrenaline junky funky programme the other day, so yeah that was fun wasn't it. Also Kelly Rowland, she was so funny. Nick Grimshaw, hot? Maybe a bit too cool, but yeah maybe his face is maybe a little bit nice maybe. Bob Mortimer, LOL GUYS, I think hes quite funny. Also a comidian who I've forgotten the name of, he was quite good to when they gave him a chance, sorry I forgot your name comidian, I know he was called Dave but I don't rember the second name. And there was also that other man Phill whos always on.

So that was good good great excellent fun fun good. Watch it on tv, you might hear me laugh or clap or something.

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