Friday, 3 October 2008


Today I did my first Screen print, yes my first. That was fun, it's still drying in LCC though. It's not very impressive, simply a square of lots of different colours all smudged together. I'm tired. I got woke at around 10am by something that sounded like metal getting chainsawed, but then I fell asleep again and woke again at about 12 and dashed around to get to the printing class in time.

Also my Maths T shirt arrived yesterday but I've only seen photos so far, thank you Maths for sending that and the badges too. I've just added a growing link section to the right of the page which has some other sites where my work is, some excellent bands I've worked for and other delicious things.

Here's some stuff I've been drawing. A crow and an Alsatian made of bones. Since I've lost my Photoshop I can't edit anything, these are raw as my microwave meal was the other day, stupid microwave.

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