Tuesday, 7 October 2008

The war of the Hoxton Posters

This isn't even interesting.
Today when I was walking home I noticed something I've been noticing for the last few days. See people round here are cool/hip/trendy so they like to go to cool/hip/trendy events and such. This means there is always a lot of fly posters all over the area which I find quite attractive (especially the Moz one). But anyway today I saw what I've been suspecting for a while. As I was wa
lking past the row of posters there was a woman sticking 'CANCELLED' stickers over all of the posters.

When I first saw them a couple of da
ys ago, I thought for a second that everything might actually be cancelled, maybe there was a huge snow storm coming and no one could to to any parties? Anywayyyyyy, today when I found the evidence of her doing it, it made me angry. This isn't going to stop people posting posters on walls, it's only going to aggravate them so they post more and more. Also they had stuck one over the Youmeatsix poster (this is turning into a Youmeatsix blog) which I wanted. It's a bit silly though, sticking cancelled over a poster advertising an album, they obviosly didn't read what they where covering. As if an album that came out yesterday suddenly got cancelled. The council are wasting paper doing this and spoiling my nice posters. cry.

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