Wednesday, 31 December 2008


Just been working on this for couple of days. Last time I did one of these was about 3 years ago, of the same man, which I very luckily managed to give to him. Here is my new version, it took quite a while, still some bits I want to do but I decided to just finish it or I could go on foreverrrrrr.

Now I'm going to play some drums I think.

Monday, 29 December 2008


So when I was looking on flickr I saw all of my work together, you know how they organise it very nicely. So I used the little thumbnails and put them all together. So heres everything (almost) that I have on my flickr. It's in a little bit of an order but I had to change some of them round to fit, bottoms the oldest work, top is the new. Click it to make it bigger because I dunno why but the blog won't let me make it any bigger than this on the main page.

Sunday, 21 December 2008


Finished these shirts that I've been working on for months now. These are for lovely Mutiny On The Bounty. They don't know when they'll be printed yet, but hopefully soon.

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Chameleons change colour

So I did this poster but then Johnny Foreigner canceled so I had to redo it ohhhh.
Here are both of the posters, they've changed colour a bit. But thats cos I have to work on Photoshop on windows now and it's rubbish cryy. But anyway the correct one is the bottom one.

Friday, 5 December 2008


Yesterday I made this piece for the Typography project. It was for the font 'Swift' by Gerard Unger who's name I can't pronounce. This is a quote by him. I made it from tiny little squares of Newspaper cut up and stuck down an yes it took ages.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

1000 Words

Today I have to do a thousand word essay.

AND THEN, maybe draw some pictures YAYYYY!

Heres a nice man singing about an essay or something to make me work faster.
His face also looks like the image I have to talk about...

Now I find this image really attractive.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

This took me like 405968493 Hours

Had to make a guide to the Thames - This is about everything you can find floating on the top of it. You should try it sometime when your bored. It's actually quite fun. I think I saw a dead eel but I might have just been getting too excited. I definitely saw a pink blow-up Guitar though.

It's all hand drawn and the full thing is a bit bigger than A2 but not A1.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Thursday, 30 October 2008


For the goth day of the year I drew this really gothic picture of a Pumpkin somehow developing into a tree with a candle on the top. Then I added a border because it was so gothic, it needed to be restrained somehow, hence the Gothic boundary.

Today I had to bite a rubber chicken in front of the class.

Go carve your pumps, listen to AFI 'All Hallows EP' and Energy 'Invasions Of The Mind' and AFI 'The Art Of Drowning' this will make you feel really spooky so you produce better pumpkinnys.

"Tonight will come to life.
Deadened branches stirred by whispers in the wind.
Fall children fill the streets at dusk, at last, it all will begin."

Thanks for that really excellent and atmospheric quote Davey. Mmmmm good songs.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

This is my newest one of them picture thingys that I do. It was a sketch for Maths but they said it's too violent. I think it's pretty cute and fluffy.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

And something more exciting for the day

Ok so poster update, they must have heard me complain. The 'CANCELLED' signs now say 'CANCELLED' 'Not The Event But The Poster'. This makes more sense but it's still the dumbest thing in the worlddddd.

So forget the posters because I just went to see Never Mind The Buzzcocks live, being filmed at the BBC Studios! I have to say it was defini
tely excellent. Very funny, with all the raw stuff, Simon saying all the lines wrong. They recorded for about 3 hours with only one 'wee break'. It was fun fun fun to the maximum. It was cry cry cryable at some points.

Jack Osbourne was there, which was a surprise. I remember when I loved the Osbourne's, don't we all. And I was just watching his adrenaline junky funky programme the other day, so yeah that was fun wasn't it. Also Kelly Rowland, she was so funny. Nick Grimshaw, hot? Maybe a bit too cool, but yeah maybe his face is maybe a little bit nice maybe. Bob Mortimer, LOL GUYS, I think hes quite funny. Also a comidian who I've forgotten the name of, he was quite good to when they gave him a chance, sorry I forgot your name comidian, I know he was called Dave but I don't rember the second name. And there was also that other man Phill whos always on.

So that was good good great excellent fun fun good. Watch it on tv, you might hear me laugh or clap or something.

The war of the Hoxton Posters

This isn't even interesting.
Today when I was walking home I noticed something I've been noticing for the last few days. See people round here are cool/hip/trendy so they like to go to cool/hip/trendy events and such. This means there is always a lot of fly posters all over the area which I find quite attractive (especially the Moz one). But anyway today I saw what I've been suspecting for a while. As I was wa
lking past the row of posters there was a woman sticking 'CANCELLED' stickers over all of the posters.

When I first saw them a couple of da
ys ago, I thought for a second that everything might actually be cancelled, maybe there was a huge snow storm coming and no one could to to any parties? Anywayyyyyy, today when I found the evidence of her doing it, it made me angry. This isn't going to stop people posting posters on walls, it's only going to aggravate them so they post more and more. Also they had stuck one over the Youmeatsix poster (this is turning into a Youmeatsix blog) which I wanted. It's a bit silly though, sticking cancelled over a poster advertising an album, they obviosly didn't read what they where covering. As if an album that came out yesterday suddenly got cancelled. The council are wasting paper doing this and spoiling my nice posters. cry.

Monday, 6 October 2008

Save It For the Bedroom

Today was the first day at uni, but we aren't going to talk about that. It was good, but theres other things to be said. I saw something getting filmed in Piccadilly Circus that looked like this. Youmeatsix also played at Oxford street instore at hmv at yes, six o'clock. It was just me and them at six. This is what they look like:

They played quite good though. Yes that was fun. One boy climbed the CD racks and waved at them while they where on stage, they said 'getttt dowwnn' but he was a rebel and did it again, but then he got kicked out so he danced
down the aisles instead. LOLZ. he and most of the people there who waitied to see them play and wanted to get a signed CD afterwards looked like this:

That was a bit of unexpected fun that was quite enjoyable. They aren't one of my favourite bands, but yes I had wanted to see them before so I got the suprise chance to see them in a more intimate (if music shops are intim
ate) venue.

Also I went for a quick 'flight' on the lovely eye the other day, there I am falling off the edge. It's a little bit scary but it's ok. You've probably been on more times than me i'll shut up.

So thats basically a day (or two) in the life of london. Isn't it fun.

Sunday, 5 October 2008


I've just joined this nice site called Jotta which I found on one of the university handouts. It's a bit like flickr I think. Anyway have a look if your the slightest bit
interested or just look here instead.

Friday, 3 October 2008


Today I did my first Screen print, yes my first. That was fun, it's still drying in LCC though. It's not very impressive, simply a square of lots of different colours all smudged together. I'm tired. I got woke at around 10am by something that sounded like metal getting chainsawed, but then I fell asleep again and woke again at about 12 and dashed around to get to the printing class in time.

Also my Maths T shirt arrived yesterday but I've only seen photos so far, thank you Maths for sending that and the badges too. I've just added a growing link section to the right of the page which has some other sites where my work is, some excellent bands I've worked for and other delicious things.

Here's some stuff I've been drawing. A crow and an Alsatian made of bones. Since I've lost my Photoshop I can't edit anything, these are raw as my microwave meal was the other day, stupid microwave.

Thursday, 2 October 2008


So this is my first blog here, and I thought I'd start by putting up all of the posters I've made since I started. Just as a way to keep them altogether and for you people if your interested, to have a look through them and enjoy/hate/have a debate.

Here we go guyyysss.