Monday, 19 January 2009


So I just checked Jotta after a long time and it turns out I'm one of the new featured artists! Very happy about that, think i'll have curry to celebrate. Check it out here! Also my work appears on the Jotta home page at random along with the other artists.

V good

Tshirts designs are finished fully now and are being sent as I type.
Today I got up for a live brief that doesn't even exist until Friday 23rd, how can you mistake that? Yesterday I went to Leicester square to see Leonardo but I didn't see him. I saw Kate Winslet though .

I recommend this

I need to wash clothes now.

Friday, 16 January 2009


New tshirt design just being finished for a really good london Band called Cold Hearts. Just need to make the black tshirt version then its all done. Now i'm gunna go to the Hugo Boss brief and see what thats all about, maybe they'll want some gothic packaging with a skeleton hand holding a heart or something for their next fragrance? Anyway heres the finished artwork for the white tshirt.
Waltz til your hearts content.


As you may know, I am completely in love with the band AFI. They recently had this competition (for US residents only! ahhhh), but I could have made a video anyway because they watched all of them but I decided not to because I'm shy like that. Anyway they just posted a video of the first winner being notified and I must say it's one of the nicest things they could do for someone. Crazy.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Oh so much

So today I went to the Design Museum to see the Alan Aldridge show, was ok, some really nice goth bones, skulls and stuff like that. Then I went to the Premier of Seven Pounds with Will Smith, saw Will Smith, and tried to take a good photos but my camera was so shy that it didn't want to take a picture so I have many failed attempts, plus I was far away because I am always at the wrong place in the premiers.

Fail attempts:

Is that good enough for you Newspapers and internet article people in need of some pictures?

Monday, 12 January 2009

Are you Medium?

If yes, then you should go to the Maths store right now and get one of the last mediums they found!


So now I'm back to London, yay. I've been working on a tshirt design for a while now, seems to be taking ages with all the dotty colouring in. Heres a little preview of it so far, just have the top part to finish now.

It's dark and raining right now but thats ok because I have these guys to keep me company:

I really should draw on that Munny there but i'm not sure what, and I don't wanna spoil its nice whiteness. Ok I think Maybe I'll paint it as a challenge since I don't really paint ever, especially 3D things.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

So I just got myself a Flickr Pro account! Lets celebrate.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Mark Unseen

Mark Unseen
Originally uploaded by SamDunn
Just Updated some band photography to Flickr. I am no way a band photographer, I just get there early, run to the front then pretend like I am. I want to buy a Flickr pro account because I'm soon running out of space. Does anyone want to buy me one cry? I need to get back to drawing now, t-shirty things. Also, check out the empty blog that is SAM [MY] SONG. It's basically the capital lettered ramblings of Sammy and I, with alot of use of "CRY" and also some nice songs and videos we've been producing over the years...cry.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Dallas Green

Dallas Green
Originally uploaded by SamDunn
I'm just testing this, if this works, I just blogged from Flickr, my my technology. I decided to use this picture of Dallas since it's my most viewed, maybe i'll post some more band photography? yesh.

Edit: And well look at that, the picture links back to Flickr, beautiful.


So I just got Twitter, really just so I can follow the humorous lines of Hunter Burgan. Sammy also decided to get it which means now we are just going to wreck the whole site talking about men, crying and SAYING EVERYTHING IN CAPITAL LETTERS. I don't really understand Twitter unless your someone people want to listen to. nobody reads this blog anyway so I doubt that anyone is going to read my snippets of daily life. Also...


Sunday, 4 January 2009


Bored on Photoshop with no scanner, how digital of me.
Lyrics from the Lovely Brownie Bottom Sundae by AFI and the Lovely Hunter Red By Energy. AFI's lyrics first of course. I like doing lyrics into things, wanna make more but I need a good song first. Maybe I could just write my own, become a world famous rock star/designer or something like that?