Wednesday, 28 October 2009


New shirt I'm working on.

One of the best best best albums of the year, I missed it off my earlier list.
Just really really good, well done Saosin.

Maths In Kerrang + Triple Threat

Maths are in this weeks Kerrang and get four K's!

Heady debut of unrelenting screamo ferocity from Norfolk

You have probably heard all this before: indiscernible larynx abuse, jigsaw-like riff patterns and a clattering rhythm section - all competing for attention like a litter of unloved puppies. in the wrong hands these well-worn dynamics can be repetitive, overly introspective and, worst of all, boring. on this 12 track, bedroom produced debut, however, Norfolk quartet Maths have combined them to beguiling, immersive effect. consisting of mainly short, abrasive hymns of hate that work in isolation or as one sprawling headfuck, this is an album as challenging, uncompromising and emotionally exhausting as it is brilliant. remember the first time you heard Dillinger? like that. lord knows what its all about but if its honest, passionate and pissed off sound you want, look no further. ... Read more

for fans of Envy & Dillinger Escape Plan

Also, the triple threat advertising is done.
Here are all the magazines, make sure you go to a show in your area!

I owned Kerrang this week a little bit, erm maybe.
two (little sections of) pages yo!

Friday, 23 October 2009

Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Today I went to Hastings and this is what I found. This is the coastal town, that they forgot to close down.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Big Draw

Spent all day at uni sitting on the window ledge drawing the lovely stairs for my piece of the project 'mapping the move'.

Basically everyone adds a drawing to the archives so that when Saint Martins gets turned into a luxury hotel or whatever, theres always some drawings from the students and staff of the old building.

Cute idea.

Finished my work for the day so heres something I do in my spare time.
I don't know what that trick was but lets pretend I land it all the time.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Triple Threat Tour

The shirt is here, after a decision between the bands they all decided to go ahead and print this with the tour already loosing out on money, quite the compliment if you ask me!

Pick this up at any of the dates! Check Rock Sound and Front magazine for the ads to see when it's in your area!

First back print on a shirt too!

The JB Conspiracy

Just finished the new tour range with The JB Conspiracy.
T shirts, stickers and badges will all be available on tour!

Working alot with the Gravity DIP bands at the moment, so check them out!

More Maths news!

Just borrowed these from the Holy Roar Flickr,
It's the first time the finished album has been released so far.
As I said previously, you can listen to the full thing now at the Holy Roar site!
The whole thing is amazing, i've been repeating it alot lately.

If you only have like 1 minute spare and your thinking, 'hmmm I want to listen to that but I'm really busy right now, what song should I choose? Help!?' then I would definitely recommend From Her Journals because it's very very excellent. And just wait for the quieter part, the riffs are beautiful. If you decide after that, 'hmm maybe i'll listen to one more, what should I pick? Help!?' Then i'd choose ...And Left To Die, it's perfect in every way. I wish i'd wrote those guitar parts.

But really you can't just pick out a song, the whole thing flows as one musical piece from start to finish so do yourself a favour and listen to it in full.

My top 5 albums of the year go like this:

1. AFI - Sing the Sorrow (Don't care if it came out in 2003)
2. AFI - Crash Love
3. Morrissey - Years Of Refusal
4. Maths - Descent
5. Tubelord - Our First American Friends

So buy all of them actually.


Links straight to the smashing new Holy Roar site, where I found this gem of a quote,

"This is going to be 6 panel card wallet, with elaborate roots/vines artwork by long-term band collaborator Sam Dunn. Shit must have taken fucking ages."

You can also listen to the album full on the site even if your not going to buy it so what are you waiting for!

Monday, 12 October 2009

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Rock Sound

Gay For Johnny Depp ad in this month Rocksoundddddd!


Thats me, Eating a mouth full of gum.

Thanks Asda for this lovely thing you sell.
It costs a mere £1.75 and is basically a camping light.
But it doubles up as a really nice ring flash/light.
I love it I do.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Dork out moment begins...

So I checked the online version of Rock Sound and my Triple Threat ad is in there!
It's a nice feeling to see it in there finally!


If that wasn't enough this issue also has this in.

I know it's really sad but I don't care, I love AFI so much and now my works in a book with them, it's almost as close as marrying them a little bit!

So go check out Rock Sound now!

New indie night in Newcastle.
This is the first poster for the opening night, but I also created the logo and will be doing their monthly posters!

Check it out if you're in Newcastle!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

'Stay Up Late'

First project back at uni.

MICE ZINE available online!

MICE ZINE - An A5 zine all about our little friends/pests, Mice!
Features hand cut cheesy card cover with 22 pages of black and white illustration.

Also including a free candy white mouse pet to stare at, keep in a cage, colour in ect...

but please don't eat him, he's been around a while!

Previously sold in Central Saint Martins and Selfridges on Oxford Street, London. These are now available for all!

There are 10 in the store so get them while you can!


Monday, 5 October 2009

My old skate

I just remembered my first skateboard had some crazy old school cheap graphics on and got these snaps of it from home.

I think i'm in love with it.

Look at it's plastic trucks and lack of concave, awwww.

Maths preorders are up!

Lots of delicious ways to buy the album are now available here!

Release date is Monday 9th November so get ordering!
And straight from the horses mouth, Mr Fitzpatrick of Holy Roar Records


so there you go!

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Triple Threat Tour

Gay For Johnny Depp
Outcry Collective

I've been working on the tour art for the Triple Threat Tour, so here it is!

Ring Flash


I made 2 ring flashes the other week and have been testing them since then. They are kind of rubbish really. But heres a little guide if you'd like to make them:

These pics above are all taken one one of the two models below.
'Ring Flash plastic deluxe I' and 'Paper Mache extreme light II'

'Ring Flash plastic deluxe I'

This is part I, it's quite good really, just doesn't have enough power to flash so it has to be placed right in the persons face which gives a sort of stalkerish image. It's made from plastic that I sawed a hole into at about 1 in the morning then tin foil and a toothpaste tube with tinfoil angled as a mirror inside of it. You need to connect something to your flash and reflect it down into the circle for it to work.

'Paper Mache extreme light II'

Ok, this ones sort of really rubbish and the model has to hold it up while they get their photo taken. Sammy helped me make this with old newspaper which we used to paper mache a metal mixing bowl. Then it has the same device as the last one using toilet roll tube instead to catch the light.

Some of the photos came out quite nice I think but everone told me it's basically a failure and it is, if anyone wants to make one and show me any better ways that it would work then go ahead!

I feel Nothing at all

I think this video goes right up there with the leaving song part II (doesn't beat it though)
It's way better than the vids from Decemberunderground,
yes it's a rip off of The Killers a bit, but I don't care.
I love the gold with the black and white.


Under water

Thursday, 1 October 2009