Sunday, 29 May 2011

New and Unused

New, oooooohhh!

Unused, oooooohhh!

Working on lots of new stuff at the moment so here's a preview of some of that stuff in the works and some of the unused covers for Worry Party!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Friends of the Beast show - June 4th

Just saw the promotional material for the group show I'm taking part in! Niceeee!
The exhibition will start on the 4th June at OhNo!Doom Gallery in Chicago, USA and carry on through the month.

I will be showing my two most recent prints created especially for this!

I will also have a series of these for sale in my shop soon so keep a look out!

Read on for the official Gallery info:

FRIENDS OF THE BEAST - Tribute to Metal
Hey all we have a headbanging rockfest coming to OhNo!Doom on June 4th 6pm- 10pm 1800 n Milwaukee ave Chicago, IL 60647.
Show will include works by:

Mike Budai / Mr Gauky / Douglas Bicicleta / Mike Friedrich / Sam Dunn / Artillery / UberKraaft / Revolution Tattoo / Miss Monster / Dave Palumbo / Brian Holderman / David Rettker / Yunicorn / Micheal Micheal Motorcycle / Steve Seeley / Nick Beery / Ryan P Young / Jeff Finley / OhNo!Doom / Saro / Keith Noordzy / Jessamyn Patterson / Scarecrowoven / Paul Parker / Matthew Bromley / Joey Potts / Jeremy Beightol / Adam Fox / Nic Cowan / CHema Skandal! / Matthew Ryan Sharp …
If that's not enough to melt your face, come back for the closing to check out some Local Metal Bands (TBA)!
I suggest you show up to avoid future regret \m/
& last but not least a massive big thanks to Jeremiah & Michelle of ReUse First ( & ) for the fantastic work printing the Posters.

Other Things

In other post degree-final-hand-in news,
I just got some stickers printed! They'll come with all orders from my shop!
And American Chinooks keep flying round my flat / London so I took some photos!


Finally handed in all of my work for uni!
These are the final illustrations for my last project.

But it doesn't end yet, I'm busy working on turning these into prints for the degree show!

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Nearly Done!

Almost finished this project and Uni!
Just need to do one more (see sad white space) and complete the one with our Katy and Willz on.

I then have the challenge of Screen Printing these for the Degree show!
So many layers I don't want to count, oh dear.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Scholars again!

New Scholars logo shirt!

Scholars new image!

Been working with Scholars on a whole new identity for their upcoming tour and beyond!
This is the new logo that we went for, nice and simple!

Check out all of the tour dates! Crazy touring guys, go and see them if they're near you (which they will be!)

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Prints are done!

I finished the OhNo!Doom Gallery prints!
There is 30 of each print so I'll be adding some to my store soon!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Blazing Skulls

Among The Fray

These are the two pieces I've created for an upcoming metal related group show in Chicago, USA!

Thanks to OhNo!Doom Gallery -

They will be Screen printed, 5 colours!
For sale framed in the gallery and I'll also have prints to sell!

Sunday, 1 May 2011