Thursday, 30 July 2009

Thomas Fairchild School Fire

So the streets where just full of smoke, went to have a look and this is what was going on. The building was supposed to be empty though for the school holidays. Scaryyyyyyyyy.

My room stinks of smoke.


John in Hoxton said...

it's a shame . it has been a valued part of the community for many generations and had recently had a lot of work done to it, as well as getting recognition, for it's achievements with otherwise under privileged children

i hear that there are going to be public meetings to discuss how to pressurize the local council to get it up and running again VERY QUICKLY.

SAM DUNN said...

awww thanks for the comment, it's such a shame that it's happened. I'm new to the area really, lived here nearly a year now.

I didn't know much about it but i'd like to see how they can bring it back. Looked like a lovely building.

Sammy Brennan said...

"were", not "where", honey :) cry.x