Sunday, 12 December 2010

Collection Update

I've been collecting AFI stuff since about 2005 when I first found them. This is all the stuff I have to date, minus 5/6 T Shirts, but who cares about T shirts? Plus a stack load of magazines, a small amount can be seen in the first picture, but again, why I included these i'll never know, they aren't anything special.

I'd love the other two collectible figures (Heartbat and Articia if we're gunna get specific!) to make a set and also all of their albums on 12".

Also I wouldn't say no to the Nitro years box set on any colour vinyl, Dork EP, A Fly In The Ointment, All Hallows 7", The Days of The Phoenix EP, etc etc. Most of these things exceed my spending limit.

Christmas? Santa? Can you hear me?

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