Friday, 28 January 2011

First pics - Descent 12"

These are the first pics of Descent on 12” (stolen from Dog Knights Facebook)

Very exciting to see this all come together!



Go and buy it from the Dog Knights store!



Grey covers are for the test press, I'm very sure they've been snapped up already. Sorry.

Come to the release show on February 25th and get the pink / blue blend cover!

Pre-order brown covers have already sold out! So if you still want a screened cover you’ve gotta drag yourselves to Brighton!

The yellow / orange blend cover isn’t available to buy, only a few exists and they are just for me and Darren to keep, ‘to make us feel special’, ha.


I nearly lost a finger doing this but it was all worth it!

Please think of the fingers pain when listening to the glorious re-mastered audio.

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