Sunday, 22 April 2012

Alkaline Trio Tour Poster!

Since it's just over a week until the first date of the tour
 I thought I'd reveal this poster I just sent off to print on Friday!

This will be available at all of the UK tour dates in an edition of 150.
 They're A2, 2 colour screen prints on nice 270gsm card
 thanks to the lovely guys at White Duck Screen Print!

 It was an honor to work for the Trio
and hopefully there will be many more chances to come!

 If you're at any of the dates feel free to send me pictures of your posters
 and say hi to me at the Barfly!


deadbeat pad said...

Fantastic work, mate. Just stumbled across your site whilst looking for Trio t-shirts and, by coincidence, I bought one of these at the Edinburgh show! I've got #116/150 and they've all been signed by the fellas too. Looks amazing! Would have loved to have had the design in the originally intended T-shirt format as well (I've seen the mock up and it looked great), but can't have everything, eh?

deadbeat pad said...
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deadbeat pad said...

PS: I just realised that you're a lady-Sam; sorry for the assumptive use of "mate"!
PPS: Well done!

SAM DUNN said...

Thank you! Glad you got one! Who knows, they may print T shirts some day!