Friday, 1 November 2013

Little White Lies!

Very pleased to announce that the special 50th edition of Little White Lies magazine will be available on 7th November, including that top secret piece I posted a few weeks back!

'We've hit a big milestone: issue number 50. And so, we decided that we'd have to break out something a little special for the occasion. In this very special issue, we've done away with the magazine's traditional format to offer a compendium celebrating 50 years of amazing movies. While you won't find any reviews of the latest big films or interviews with directors and actors talking about their exciting new releases, you will find 50 passionate pieces of writing accompanied by 50 new illustrations by some of the best artists out there now.'

You can pre-order here -

Ps. Little sneak preview below, I’m sure you can guess the movie!

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