Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Maths In Kerrang + Triple Threat

Maths are in this weeks Kerrang and get four K's!

Heady debut of unrelenting screamo ferocity from Norfolk

You have probably heard all this before: indiscernible larynx abuse, jigsaw-like riff patterns and a clattering rhythm section - all competing for attention like a litter of unloved puppies. in the wrong hands these well-worn dynamics can be repetitive, overly introspective and, worst of all, boring. on this 12 track, bedroom produced debut, however, Norfolk quartet Maths have combined them to beguiling, immersive effect. consisting of mainly short, abrasive hymns of hate that work in isolation or as one sprawling headfuck, this is an album as challenging, uncompromising and emotionally exhausting as it is brilliant. remember the first time you heard Dillinger? like that. lord knows what its all about but if its honest, passionate and pissed off sound you want, look no further. ... Read more

for fans of Envy & Dillinger Escape Plan

Also, the triple threat advertising is done.
Here are all the magazines, make sure you go to a show in your area!

I owned Kerrang this week a little bit, erm maybe.
two (little sections of) pages yo!

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