Sunday, 4 October 2009

Ring Flash


I made 2 ring flashes the other week and have been testing them since then. They are kind of rubbish really. But heres a little guide if you'd like to make them:

These pics above are all taken one one of the two models below.
'Ring Flash plastic deluxe I' and 'Paper Mache extreme light II'

'Ring Flash plastic deluxe I'

This is part I, it's quite good really, just doesn't have enough power to flash so it has to be placed right in the persons face which gives a sort of stalkerish image. It's made from plastic that I sawed a hole into at about 1 in the morning then tin foil and a toothpaste tube with tinfoil angled as a mirror inside of it. You need to connect something to your flash and reflect it down into the circle for it to work.

'Paper Mache extreme light II'

Ok, this ones sort of really rubbish and the model has to hold it up while they get their photo taken. Sammy helped me make this with old newspaper which we used to paper mache a metal mixing bowl. Then it has the same device as the last one using toilet roll tube instead to catch the light.

Some of the photos came out quite nice I think but everone told me it's basically a failure and it is, if anyone wants to make one and show me any better ways that it would work then go ahead!

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