Sunday, 18 October 2009

More Maths news!

Just borrowed these from the Holy Roar Flickr,
It's the first time the finished album has been released so far.
As I said previously, you can listen to the full thing now at the Holy Roar site!
The whole thing is amazing, i've been repeating it alot lately.

If you only have like 1 minute spare and your thinking, 'hmmm I want to listen to that but I'm really busy right now, what song should I choose? Help!?' then I would definitely recommend From Her Journals because it's very very excellent. And just wait for the quieter part, the riffs are beautiful. If you decide after that, 'hmm maybe i'll listen to one more, what should I pick? Help!?' Then i'd choose ...And Left To Die, it's perfect in every way. I wish i'd wrote those guitar parts.

But really you can't just pick out a song, the whole thing flows as one musical piece from start to finish so do yourself a favour and listen to it in full.

My top 5 albums of the year go like this:

1. AFI - Sing the Sorrow (Don't care if it came out in 2003)
2. AFI - Crash Love
3. Morrissey - Years Of Refusal
4. Maths - Descent
5. Tubelord - Our First American Friends

So buy all of them actually.

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